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Beer Bong Syringe
Beer Bong Syringe
Beer Bong Syringe
Beer Bong Syringe
Beer Bong Syringe

Beer Bong Syringe

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The Perfect Beer Bong Device for a Night to Remember... Or Not!

This newly designed beer bong will help you chug up to 24oz of beer in 2 seconds.  Forget shotgunning and beer funnels, this beer syringe will sure be the life of the party.

Acting like a giant syringe, only without the pain in your arm and the hatred for your doctor, the Beer Bong Syringe is so easy to use you’ll amaze your friends with your drinking abilities. Just take off the mouthpiece, pour in the beer and press the opposite end against the closest stationary object. Watch people’s faces fill with awe as they see you down a pint of beer in as little as 2 seconds!


  • Delivers your favorite beer in a fun and expeditious way
  • Holds up to 24 ounces of beer 
  • Drink up to 24oz of your favorite beverage with ease just as fast as 2 seconds
  • Better than shotgun and beer funnel
  • Innovative friction fit mouthpiece ensures no foam or carbonation
  • Perfect for tailgating, bachelor parties, outdoor and indoor parties
  • Easily fits in your backpack