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Instant De-icing Spray

Instant De-icing Spray

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Remove thick, icy buildup in just seconds! Don’t get behind a dangerous ice-covered, hazy windshield, drive safely with Instant De-icing Spray!

The Instant De-icing Spray is an ice-melting liquid that can be sprayed to a frozen windshield. It helps melt the ice, frost, and snow, and reduces your scraping time. It can also help reduce dangerous re-freeze, which in turn, will help increase visibility and driver safety.

Simply spray windshield and wipers to loosen ice for safe, easy cleaning. No hassle scraping required, simply wipe away the melted ice seconds after spurting it!

Absolutely real time-saver! It cuts down time chipping away ice by doing most of the work for you. This de-icer spray for cars has the right formula of methanol for strong ice melting power without harming your car's glass or paint finish.

Whether you live in an area that sees ice every day for months or just once in a while, you need an easy way to keep your windshield clear.


QUICK ICE MELTING FORMULA - Quickly melts ice due to high methanol content.

CONVENIENT CLEANING - Saves time and effort, no scraping of ice needed.

PREVENT RE-FREEZING & SMEARING - Provides an after coat that makes the surface ice repellent.

SAFE FOR ALL CAR FINISHES - Won’t harm chrome or car paint

VARIOUS APPLICATION - Can be applied on metal, glasses, headlights, mirrors, windows, and lock.

EASY TO USE - Simply spray and wipe away the melted ice.